Simple hacks to keep illnesses at bay

Health is everything. If you want to live long, then you have to manage your lifestyle to stay healthy. Today many things are put first on the priority list and end up hurting the health status of a person. One can start simple and put in place a strategic lifestyle plan that will ensure that their health and that of their family is not at risk. When our health is compromised, we are at risk of being ill. Here are some simple hacks to keep illnesses at bay.

Always wash your hands with running water

Running water helps to wash down any dirt on your hands with no risk of recontamination. Every time you visit the toilet, always remember to wash your hands. This will help to get rid of any germs that you may have got in contact with while in the toilet. It is also advisable to make washing hands a regular habit. It should be done before every meal and after any domestic chore that may get you in contact with disease-causing germs.


Do not pick your nose

Nose picking is a common behavior in both children and adults. Apart from being disgusting, it is also unhealthy. Nose picking can cause an outbreak of communicable diseases such as flu and cold. When the body fluid in the mucus gets in contact with another person, it causes the person to contract the disease. This can cause an unnecessary widespread of diseases.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is part and parcel of healthy living. It is essential to do routine exercise every day so as relieve your body from day to day stress. Exercising also puts your body weight on a check. One can shed off excess fat and stay within a healthy body mass index. When exercising, sweating helps the body to get rid of toxic waste regularly.


Take lots of water

One needs to hydrate more regularly to keep illness at bay. Lack of water impairs the functioning of the liver and leads to lifestyle diseases. Water also helps in absorption of nutrients in the body that help in maintaining a healthy body. Lack of sufficient hydration is associated with migraine stomach aches and other lifestyle complications. An individual is advised to take at least eight glasses of water every day for optimum hydration.

Keep short nails

Our hands and fingers are often the first point of contact our body makes with the outside world. We use them to do most of our household chores, greet people and even itch. When you have long nails, there is a high probability of dirt hiding underneath the nails. This may be the breeding ground for disease-causing germs. Never forget that the same hands are used for eating, and therefore there is very high possibility of ingesting the disease-causing germs.


Avoid junk and processed foods

Junk and most processed foods have trans fats, high sugar content, and preservatives that are not good for the body. Such foods increase the cholesterol content in the body and increase the risk of getting lifestyle diseases.